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A continuation of The Cradle and producers of the beautiful, enchanting reborn doll kits from multi-award-winning Doll Artist, Linda Murray.

All kits are cast from the original, timeless, Linda Murray sculpts and can be purchased from our hand picked worldwide distributors.

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Our story

Welcome to Little Legacy. We are Amy and Annie Murray, proud daughters of world renowned, multi award winning master doll artist, Linda Murray and Linda & John Murray, founders of The Cradle.

We grew up in a world surrounded by dolls of all different styles, shapes, mediums and sizes – they formed an amazing part of our childhood and beyond!


Linda’s talent was evident from the very first ragdolls made and sold at craft fairs around the UK, in which we worked at as a family throughout our childhood. Moving on to wet clay sculpts, these became the moulds for the pressed cloth dolls which were Linda’s passion for many years until the doll world changed direction and polymer clay became obvious.

This led to the unique 'Shellcloth' medium, innovated by Linda of which had her in a class of her own and at the top of her game in a medium only produced by Linda Murray. To this day, no one has mastered the Shellcloth medium and is kept as a trade secret by Linda and the family.


Linda Murray sculpts and dolls soon started gaining an outstanding reputation and worldwide fan base with countless DOTY awards and Dolls Awards of Excellence. Indeed, Linda has lost count! Linda Murray sculpts are also mass produced by Ashton Drake where Linda is considered to be their top selling artist spanning 12 years and has gained many awards through her sculpting for this worldwide manufacturer.

John, Linda & The Cradle


When John and Linda began The Cradle in 2008 it became possible for people to create their own Linda Murray dolls with vinyl kits, using reborn techniques to create amazingly lifelike babies to love and cherish. All the kits are from moulds cast directly from individual sculpts by Linda, all unique and perfectly detailed.



We now continue Linda and John's legacy by producing the already much loved kits, plus future new sculpts by Linda along with the introduction of new artists in the coming years.

The existing beauty, realism, expression and quality of The Cradle are the foundations of Little Legacy and we’re excited to continue this journey, creating kits of the highest quality and sharing our love of doll art and keeping the family legacy alive.


John & Linda Murray



Little Legacy NEW Logo Silver Transparent png.png

With love from

copyright little legacy ltd 2020

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